With targeted online training of ITC-CX that is possible.

ITC-CX is a successful global supplier for training, specialized for all questions in order to increase customer satisfaction, quality of service and product knowledge. The training of your employees or your sales channel is carried out cost-effectively and in a very simple way via online training.

    ITC-CX offers you many years of international experience in the implementation of online training, customized for your business
    offers you not only our motivated and experienced employees, who always provide you with advice and assistance, but also our innovative system
    Stay up to date. Our real-time online reporting is easy to use and always shows you the current state of training of your staff
    Our training system is available for you always 24/7, no matter where you are




    ITC-CX offers you with the Corporate Training in several areas an efficient and cost-effective system to support you in the following areas:

    the placement of your company’s philosophy:
    ITC provides an efficient and simple instrument to introduce the company’s philosophy on the one hand and check whether philosophy was understood (ideal for rapidly expanding companies and companies with many employees) on the other hand.

    the placement of corporate standards:
    ITC offers companies a simple tool to train and examine corporate standards. This may be the way very simple business standards of the personal department, certification manuals or the observance of hygiene rules. Here can be easily checked, which employees understand the standards and where there is still pent-up demand.

    Preparation of marketing campaigns:
    ITC trains personnel for marketing campaigns. Companies can so, without being bound by place or time prepare employees for specific marketing campaigns such as trade shows, events, telemarketing or distribution actions and simultaneously check whether the employees understand what it is about in each campaign.

    in finding the right staff:
    ITC provides tools that support companies in personnel management. This begins firstly already at the time of recruitment. Candidates may be invited already preselected through online tests for an interview.

    in communicating the corporate culture:
    With ITC training and testing, companies can bring their employees closer to corporate terminology (corporate dictionary) or an important part of corporate identity in a simple way and check whether everything was understood.

  • Improve your service and prepare your employees for a possible mystery shopping! In preparation especially in the field of mystery shopping ITC offers the possibility to make employees in the service sector familiar with the basic idea of the service quality of the company, prepare the employees for the mystery shopping and to take away their „concerns“ regarding the test clients.

    ITC tests can thus explain mystery shopping results plausible. Employees who have completed an ITC test, achieve better ratings in mystery shopping than those who have not completed the training.

  • Keep your staff always up to date regarding your products! Newly introduced products can be introduced easily and efficiently with ITC as a tool for product presentation. The employees learn at the same time all the important information about the new product, the management has also an overview of who was informed about the new product and what they know about the product.

    However, also manufacturers can benefit from our product training!

    Train the employees in your sales channel with the product features of your products. Those employees who know more about your product are much more motivated to sell your product than similar products of your competitors.


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